What makes the Starburst slot very popular?


If you ever played any casino game online, you must have heard about Starburst games even though this slot was released over six years ago.

It is unarguably one of the most popular slot games online, with tons of casinos awarding the Starburst free spins as a marketing tool to help attract more players to their gaming platform. However, what makes the 5×3 slot game so famous? You might ask, why do casino players wish to play more of it all the time, preferring it to a low of new casino game out there? In this article, we’ll attempt to answer that question the best way we can, so sit tight, and read on.

Introduction to Starburst slot game

Let’s do a little “101” about the slot game. It (Starburst slot) is a 5-reel slot that has ten fixed paylines and a win-both-ways system. What this simply means is that winning combination payout from the two sides – right to left, and left to right, a mechanism that works for most online slots. The starburst slot game features a unique symbol which tends to land on the three different middle reels, and when that happens, it automatically expands and fills up the entire reel for over three re-spins. What does this mean? It merely means the slot player can get similar wild symbol across three reels simultaneously, which is known to lead to a huge win.

The displays are flashy and attractive, add both the 80s to 90s disco music there’s more to talk about the game. We’ve also created a full review of the game which you can check out later.

What made the Starburst so thick?

One other question casino players would often as is “What has to lead to the success of the starburst game?” well, the answer is not far-fetched. Asides the stunning graphics and the funky hip hop oldies, which appeal to a broad audience, the dazzling symbols that are on the flashy side, are more likely to appeal to both genders as you’ll be enthralled by the timeless feel it oozes when its played.

In short, what made the starburst slot appealing is its simplicity. The straightforwardness of the gameplay makes it attractive to newbies and experienced players. Also, the game has ten paylines and a bonus feature which is the wild spins that are designed to have re-spins.

If a player is on a budget, he or she can play the Starburst slot game for a little as £10 per spin, and you’ll still get the traditional payout, though the high rollers/budget players can stake over £100 per spin for a chance to win the full games win of £50000.

The simplicity of the starburst slot game, coupled with its accessibility is why many casino players love it. The game plays out frequently; thus, the regular ‘little’ wins incentivize players to keep playing and keep spinning until the ultimate goal is reached. There are no complicated features or bonus games that usually require a certain amount of non-winning spins before activating them.

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